Hope, Growth, Change, Recovery

Psychology & Coaching: Hope, Growth, Change & Recovery. Anna Monika Makinen supports: Foreign community in Finland, Local Finnish clients and particularly parents of children with chronic illness and disabilities, Polish speaking community, and people who need Occupational Health Psychology counselling. tel: +358 504840683 +48 531 936 111

Licensed Psychologist

Anna Monika Makinen

Licensed Psychologist & Coach

About Me

Hi, I’m Anna! I’m a licensed psychologist, coach and consultant.

My purpose is helping people in creating well-being for themselves, their families and their organizations. I’m continuously curious about how we create well-being, how our minds work, how we change our behavior, what makes us happy and why. I like to explore and share my enthusiasm for these topics through my continuous studies, my work with individuals and organizations and through interactions with other professionals.  


I received a Master of Science degree (with honors) in Clinical and Health psychology. Previously I studied Finnish language and culture, Swedish language and Teaching English as a second language. I also hold an MBA in International Business Management from Helsinki University of Technology. I am a certified business coach, through Business Coaching Institute of Helsinki.

My Working Principles


Respect & Positive Regard

Empathic Understanding

Empathic Understanding




My Services:

What is “integrative counselling and coaching” by Anna Mäkinen

Counselling is a different form of assistance from psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. My “Integrative  Counselling and Coaching” starts from the idea of addressing the immediate issues in people\’s lives and provides an opportunity to explore and address the associated emotions. Primarily it supports the client in finding the ways of coping and developing oneself towards personal well-being. The coaching, in turn, provides tools and solutions to tackle particular challenges. 

My “integrative counselling and coaching” seeks to provide an environment that can bring relief, lessen the sense of aloneness and isolation that often accompanies personal crises and offers support and tools to help you find solutions to your problems.

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Anna Monika Mäkinen (Prostellar Oy)
Tikkurilantie 31, 01370 Vantaa, Finland
10 min from Tikkurila railway station, parking available on site.