About Me

Psychology & Coaching: Hope, Growth, Change & Recovery. Anna Monika Makinen supports: Foreign community in Finland, Local Finnish clients and particularly parents of children with chronic illness and disabilities, Polish speaking community, and people who need Occupational Health Psychology counselling. tel: +358 504840683 +48 531 936 111


Hi, I’m Anna!

Hi, I’m Anna! I’m a licensed psychologist, counselor and certified business coach. My purpose is helping people with problems and challenges in their life; with stress, health behaviors, work and burnout, parenting and living in general. I offer my services in English, Finnish and Polish.


I received a Master of Science degree  (with honors) in Clinical and Health psychology. Previously I studied Finnish language and culture, Swedish language and Teaching English as a second language. I also hold an MBA in International Business Management from Helsinki University of Technology.  I am a certified business coach, through Business Coaching Institute of Helsinki.

Credentials and further training:

Licensed psychologist – Valvira/Terhikki. I have received my credentials as a a licensed health care professional in Finland by Valvira (National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health).

Occupational Health specialization training – certified by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

EMDR – therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ) training level 1 and 2, certified by EMDRIA Europe https://www.emdr.com/what-is-emdr/

ACT – therapy training (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

  • ACT Basic training course with Russ Harris.
  • ACT for trauma – workshop with Russ Harris.
  • ACT for anxiety and depression – training course with Russ Harris.
  • ACT for mindfulness and compassion – workshop with Kelly G. Wilson.
  • FACT – Focused ACT for Brief Interventions – course with Kirk Strosahl and Patricia Robinson.

My Working Principles


Respect & Positive Regard

I have a strong belief in my client’s strengths and potential, I respect them and have a positive regard for their abilities. I want to communicate this belief in our relationship. This belief, once communicated, provides my clients with positive reinforcement towards their innate ability to take responsibility for their own growth, for making a desired change, for setting their goals, for generating determination, for decision making, and eventual problem solution. It is an empowering process that delivers a message to my clients that they are able to take control of their lives and, with facilitative assistance from me, they can foster the desired change.

Empathic Understanding

Empathic Understanding

It is critical to my person-centered approach, because it refers to the understanding of the client’s world from the client’s point of view. Understanding the content of the client’s experience and life environment, and understanding the feelings behind the words are the essential elements of empathic understanding. The words, reasoning and emotions of the client are important information (verbal and non-verbal) that I set out to work with. For me empathic understanding combines all these verbal and nonverbal clues to most closely understand my clients.

Empathic understanding also aims at setting aside my own beliefs and entering the client’s world so that my client could finally feel understood.



Whatever your difficulties are, at whatever stage of your problems, challenges or life changes you are, supporting you in your journey will help in:

  • making sense of how you are feeling
  • exploring and clarifying your thoughts and concerns
  • gaining understanding of your reactions and find ways of coping
  • identifying choices, implications and decision options
  • considering your strengths and resources
  • coming to terms with crisis, challenging events, losses and changes
  • making plans and implementing them

My psychological experience

For many years, I have been working with parents of chronically ill children, families with disabilities and children and adolescents with learning difficulties. In this environment I have been involved in many capacities: of a fellow mother, coach, psychologist, and counsellor. As a health psychologist, I have studied the impact of serious and prolonged illness on individuals’ and families’ wellbeing. I have conducted my clinical internship among families with children with cognitive disabilities in Helsinki and Warsaw. In this work I have co-operated with schools, therapists and social workers working with these families, being responsible for guidance, consulting and psychological assistance to both families and children themselves.  

I have experience in counselling and psychological support to people who due to their professional- and/or -life circumstances, have settled to live and work in cultures that are foreign to them. In this area I have been supporting people in their development and life challenges – in their relationships, their family- and professional life.

I have worked with professionals who at some point wanted some change in their lives. Sometimes we started with their professional side if dissatisfaction was apparent there. Sometimes it was an overall feeling that nothing made sense anymore. I haven’t had many clients that were alike, but all have been able to find their new path. My experience comes from diversity of life stories and circumstances that my clients brought to my attention. As such I am indebted to them for letting me into their lives and requesting my assistance.

Business Experience

I have worked for over 20 years in business, initially in the areas of marketing and sales, but primarily within IT project management, organisational development and management consulting. I have gained substantial hands-on experience from both Finish and international business and working life with companies such as Nokia and TATA Consultancy Services.

My hands-on experience has taught me what it means to manage a busy career and family life, experience job changes, lay-offs, outsourcing and promotions. Thanks to these experiences, I am perhaps able to grasp the challenges modern working life poses for so many of us. 

Life experience

I’m perhaps foremost a parent of two children with special needs. Through this, I have gained an in-depth personal experience of living with chronic illness and disability. Consequently, I have acquired deep understanding and compassion for all chronically ill and their families. I have been supporting parents through personal consultations and parental coaching in the areas of strength based parenting, strengths based family life and strengths based education. This has been also my personal experience over the past 20 years. 

I’m also a person who has moved from country to country, encountering challenges of making a life outside of your homeland. In the process, I have also learnt to express my feelings in foreign languages and to accept that I will never be local in the natives’ eyes. If these are your experiences, I am full of empathy for your journey. I believe I can relate to that.