Professional Psychological Experience

For many years, I have been working with parents of chronically ill children, families with disabilities and children and adolescents with learning difficulties. As a health psychologist, I have studied the impact of serious and prolonged illness on individuals’ and families’ wellbeing. I have conducted my clinical internship among families with children with cognitive disabilities in Helsinki and Warsaw. In this work I have co-operated with schools, therapists and social workers working with these families, being responsible for guidance, consulting and psychological assistance to both families and children themselves.  I have experience in counselling and psychological support to people who due to their professional and life circumstances, have settled to live and work in cultures that are foreign to them. In this area I have been supporting people in their development and life challenges – in their relationships, families and professional life.

Business Experience

I have worked for over 20 years in business, initially in the areas of marketing and sales, but primarily within IT project management, organisational development and management consulting. I have gained substantial hands-on experience from both Finish and international business and working life with companies such as , Nokia, and TATA Consultancy Services.

My hands-on experience has taught me what it means to manage a busy career and family life, experience job changes, lay-offs, outsourcing and promotions. Thanks to these experiences, I am perhaps able to grasp the challenges modern working life poses for so many of us. 

Life experience

I’m perhaps foremost a parent of two children with special needs. Through this, I have gained an in-depth personal experience of living with chronic illness and disability. Consequently, I have acquired deep understanding and compassion for all chronically ill and their families. I have been supporting parents through personal consultations and parental coaching in the areas of strength based parenting, strengths based family life and strengths based education. This has been also my personal experience over the past 20 years. 

I’m also a person who has moved from country to country, encountering challenges of making a life outside of your homeland.  In the process, I have also learnt to express my feelings in foreign languages and to accept that I will never be local in the natives’ eyes. If these are your experiences, I am full of empathy for your journey. I believe I can relate to that.