How it works?



Please, kindly familiarise yourself with the information on my website. I hope that most of your initial questions will be clarified.

If you have found my offering compelling, you are welcome to book an appointment through this website.

I offer my services in English, Polish and Finnish language.

The first appointment offers an opportunity to find out further whether my approach and experience meet your needs. You’ll be able to ask questions and tell me about your needs and expectations. I will explain my way of working, the tools I use and my initial assessment of your situation. 

During the following sessions we will jointly define the scope of our cooperation, the targets, the foundations of the challenges at hand as well as create the necessary understanding of your life circumstances and possible changes you’d like to introduce. We will also jointly sign the coaching agreement based on your expectations and needs.

Further cooperation is agreed based on your objectives and current needs. Typically, appointments last 60 min and are scheduled once weekly, to ensure continuity and real-time follow up.


The meetings, the client’s identity and all the content of the sessions are fully confidential. No details will be disclosed to anyone, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

Please, book your session in advance over the website’ contact form or an e-mail. Please, kindly observe that 48 hours’ notice is necessary for effective cancelations. Appointments cancelled later than 48 hours, will be subject to standard payment.