Services for Individuals


I offer two types of appointments:

Single consultation–  a single appointment for answering your questions, giving advice, and consulting in your queries.  The length of the session is 90 min.

Individual session– as a part of a series of appointments in the areas of your mental health,personal crisis, life events, change and/or development needs. The length of the session is 60 min.

The first appointment is an opportunity to find out further whether my approach and experience meets your needs and to ask questions and present your needs and expectations. I will explain my way of working, the tools I use and my initial assessment of your need. We will also jointly sign the “Informed consent” – agreement based on discussed needs.

During the following sessions we will jointly define the scope of our cooperation, the targets, the foundations of the challenges at hand as well as create the necessary understanding of your life circumstances and possible changes you’d like to introduce.

Further cooperation is agreed based on your objectives and current needs. Typically, appointments are scheduled ahead, oftentimes weekly or bi-weekly to ensure continuity and follow up.


Confidentiality:  the client’s identity and all the content of the sessions are fully confidential. No details will be disclosed to anyone, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

Booking and payment

I’m looking forward to hearing from you by phone or e-mail.  Let’s discuss your needs and expectations. Please, book your appointment by e-mail. You are welcome to call me if you need more information. Please, kindly observe that 48 hours’ notice is necessary for effective cancelations. Appointments cancelled later than 48 hours, will be subject to standard payment.


Single consultation – 90 min – €100

Individual session (as part of max 10 appointments) – 60 min – €100

Further sessions (exceeding the 10 appointments) – 60 min – €90