My professional approach


What is counselling and coaching by Anna Mäkinen

I offer counselling, psychological assistance, advisory services and coaching. The process usually starts from your current life situation and explores the immediate issues in your life. Secondly itsupports you in finding new ways of coping, thriving and developing oneself towards personal well-being. This is a brief counselling approach that typically takes between 5 to 20 sessions.

My approach creates an environment that can bring relief, lessen the sense of aloneness and isolation that often accompanies personal crises and offers support and practical tools to help you find your own path as well as your own solutions to your problems.

Things to know about my counselling and coaching approach.

  • It is a “person-centered” approach based on my working principles explained earlier
  • It is about your wellbeing – personal, social, and professional
  • It draws on the science, research, and applications of counselling-, positive- and health psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
  • It aims at supporting your personal goals – depending on your needs, degree of your challenges, personal and social resources, and your ability to concentrate on this work
  • It is not only about problems, challenges and obstacles – you have strengths which can be fostered, skills and resources that can be applied to this development process
  • Changing things for the better can be uncomfortable sometimes – gaining something often means abandoning something else
  • My role is about supporting your efforts, facilitating the dialogue between us and helping you find your answers.
  • My role is based on my education, competences and experience, the quality of our relationship, empathy and trust between us
  • Achieving the change that you aspire to requires openness towards yourself and reflection about your past and present experiences, and your hopes and ambitions for the future 
  • Changing your life for the better requires an investment – of focus, time, and money